Mar 25th, 2021
Investment Status screenshot
Our Invetment: $300.00
Payout Ratio: 20%
Last Payout: May 7th, 2021
Discussion: ISP
Min/Max: 10$ / 143 000$
Withdrawal: Instant
Lifetime: 78 days
Our Rating:
Users Rating:
Invest Plans:0.7% daily for 20 business days (principal back); 0.9% daily for 60 business days (principal back); 1.1% daily for 120 business days (principal back); 1.3% daily for 180 business days (principal back);
Referral program:5%
46 days
Support: Support E-mail
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Investment Status is a modern but stable online business. The easiest way to explain to you the essence of our business is to ask a leading question - have you ever wondered where the sites you visit are stored? Where are the texts and pictures on this page loaded from, for example? Answer - Servers. Any website or service on the Internet is hosted on a server that is connected to the network around the clock and serviced by specialists. The modern world is impossible without high-speed information transfer. We make money on this - we rent our servers to large customers. Our unique developments allow us to squeeze the maximum capacity from each server - this provides us with a higher profitability. Before launching our own servers, we worked at the largest data centers for more than 5 years and put together a team of true professionals in their field. Our main asset is not hardware, anyone can buy it, servers are just a tool. Our main asset is our team and unique software development.
Payout Ratio: 20%
Profit: $60.50 in 30 payouts
Investment: $300.00 in 1 spends

Type Date Amount Comment
Profit May 7th, 2021 $2.00
Profit May 6th, 2021 $2.00
Profit May 5th, 2021 $2.00
Profit May 4th, 2021 $2.00
Profit Apr 30th, 2021 $2.00
Profit Apr 29th, 2021 $2.00
Profit Apr 28th, 2021 $2.00
Profit Apr 27th, 2021 $2.00
Profit Apr 26th, 2021 $2.00
Profit Apr 23rd, 2021 $2.00
Profit Apr 22nd, 2021 $2.00
Profit Apr 21st, 2021 $2.00
Profit Apr 20th, 2021 $2.00
Profit Apr 19th, 2021 $2.00
Profit Apr 17th, 2021 $2.00
Profit Apr 16th, 2021 $2.00
Profit Apr 15th, 2021 $2.00
Profit Apr 14th, 2021 $2.00
Profit Apr 13th, 2021 $2.00
Profit Apr 12th, 2021 $2.00
Profit Apr 9th, 2021 $2.00
Profit Apr 8th, 2021 $2.00
Profit Apr 7th, 2021 $2.00
Profit Apr 6th, 2021 $2.00
Profit Apr 5th, 2021 $2.00
DISCLAIMER: is a group of like-minded investors in 2015 in Southeast Asia to establish an online cooperation group. We are committed to looking for high-risk investments in all networks (That is high profits). Expose the liar website. Share and analyze the risks of the various investment industries. We through real-time investment to monitor the HYIP website internal situation to provide you with instant messaging. According to our website statistics, more than a thousand people enter and there are thousands of people leave every day. Investors who earn profits in this industry are actually a small part. We suggests that investors only invest own affordable funds. Do not have gamblers mentality. Our view is for reference only, whether you profit or loss, have nothing to do with the us..
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